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Ways Of Dealing With Jealous Dogs.

In accordance to a study that was done, it was discovered that, humans are not the only species that are capable of feeling or showing jealous behavior but, animals and moat specifically dogs can show this to. Such circumstances are known to occur to a pet owner whom has two or more pets. This can sometimes be shown when you cuddle one dog and the other starts to whine or even, barging the other dog when you appear in sight of them both. Apart from these signs, there are other ways in which your dog can show that it is not comfortable with what is going on and such behaviors includes being aggressive towards you or the other dog. If you are not aware of your dogs behavior, then you shall be able to realize that, is wants to either bite you or the other dog. Having unusual toilet habits is another indicator of jealous behavior.

With a jealous dog, it might decide to go against the teachings that the owner trained it to toilet outside the house, and start toileting any place. Dogs lack the ability to communicate with its owner in the same way that a human does, it might starts showing some of this aggressive behaviors and a sign that it lacks affection. Another rather unusual way that dogs show that they need your affection and attention is when they suddenly start doing tricks or paying close attention to you. Another solid indicator is when one dogs starts to push the other dog away when you cuddle it and it is not getting the same attention. To ensure that you restore back the lost affection towards the other dog once you have noticed some of this behaviors and many more, there are certain ways in which you can attain this. The first thing that you need to do is recording all the activities and behaviors that are termed as jealous behavior that your dog tends to portray.

Ensure that you record the location where this behavior was showcased, what had happened before and what happened after as this information is important to a professional that you have sought help from. Minimizing the interactions between these two dogs can help to make them not feel special than the other and this can be achieved by separating their bowls, food and beds. Putting all the dogs on a leash and not one can help to make them feel equal.

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